Upcoming Cayu performances in 2022


About the band

“Cayu” means “wood” in Indonesian. This expresses well the philosophy of the band. The group writes songs which are mostly performed on wooden instruments: violin, guitar, acoustic bass, along with keyboard and percussion. Cayu’s texts are lyrical and at the same time dynamic and down to earth. The topics range from women’s rights to protecting the environment, and many are simply joyous celebrations of life. The group loves to combine their performances with other arts like dance and poetry. Cayu also plays traditional world music, performing songs in 10 different languages. The band truly stands for diversity from the heart of UN city Bonn.

''Undoubtfully the most ambicious and varied evening yet under the cedar tree'', writes John Hurd in Bonn's premier English music blog. "3 Songs Bonn'

"There is some fascinating new music being laid down by Cayu these days alongside the older evergreens of their past repertoire"

The group of performers:

Singer song-writer and fiddler Eva Henneken (from Germany);

singer song-writer and guitarist John Hay (from Scotland);

pianist Budi Rosadiawan (from Indonesia) 

bassist Guga Paris and percussionist Alex Paris (both from Brazil)

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John Hay, Email: johnhay8888@gmail.com. Tel: +491722586944

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Eva Henneken. Email: eva.henneken@web.de. Tel. +4917630184274