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Cayu performances in 2024

Cayu performances in2025

John Hay. Email: Tel. + 49 15901008381

Eva Henneken. Email: Tel. +49 17630184274

About the band

The band Cayu offers fresh and modern folk music from the heart of UN-city Bonn. “Cayu” means “wood” in Indonesian. This reflects the philosophy of the band. Cayu is a multicultural band with 5 musicians from 4 nations performing their authentic music mainly with acoustic wood instruments (violin, guitar, double bass, cajon and piano). "Celebrating diversity" is the band's motto. The five musicians of the band Cayu from the UN city of Bonn use their music with a lot of heart and passion for diversity and tolerance, performing songs in more than 10 languages. Cayu’s texts are lyrical and at the same time dynamic and down to earth. The topics range from women’s rights to the meaning of human existance, and many are simply joyous celebrations of life. During its performances, the band likes to combine music with other art forms such as dance and poetry.

The Cayu ensemble:

Eva Henneken (fiddle and vocals)
John Hay (guitar and vocals)
Budi Rosadiawan (piano/ keyboard)
Ricardo "Guga" Paris (bass)
Alex Paris (drums and percussion)

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